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“Our new gates are eye-catching; the quality is obvious when you first see them. They are secure, substantial and will be here awhile.” -Ken Polk

“Throughout our gate build, the attention to detail starting with the CAD drawings and ending with a fantastic entrance was incredible.” – Jimmy Burton, JbarP Ranch British Whites


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Your gate will be hand-crafted to your specifications after your approval of a professional drawing.  Then, you may stop by our shop and monitor progress! 

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We promise you will feel safer and prouder pulling up to a strong and beautiful custom gate. Our job isn’t finished until you are happy.

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Why Call Aberdeen?

Moving into the country gives you more space with the peace and quite you have always wanted. To keep it that way, your gate should firmly imply:

“Posted. No Trespassing. Keep Out.”

But, it should also be an artful expression of your personal style to welcome your friends.

We understand. About 15 years ago, Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron founder/owner, Jeffery Presbaugh, learned what happens in the country without a gate. When he wasn’t home, someone broke into his garage and stole his tools. It was an awful feeling that he helps his clients avoid. Continue reading…

What others say

Tim Clard

“Not that many companies that take care of business anymore. Aberdeen does. I want it done right the first time so I don’t have to mess with it anymore. I recommend Jeffery to my clients.”

– Tim Clark, Clark Real Estate Group

What others say


“Jeffery is attuned to his customer’s objectives and has an artist’s eye framed by a customer service mentality. He installed the gate with the skill of a craftsman and when we experienced a difficulty, he was phenomenally prompt in resolving the issue.”

– Bob Mundlin

What others say


To describe Jeffery Presbaugh and Aberdeen Gate I would say: 1) attention to detail, 2) quality of workmanship, and 3) not satisfied until the customer is satisfied.”

– Kirk Martin

What others say


We had a lot of rainy days before we got our gate operator. Every evening my wife was asked when it was going to be installed. Now…if you took her remote away from her, I’d be in big trouble.

– Dwain Webb, Venture Roofing & Building Supply, Weatherford

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