How Much Does a Driveway Gate Cost?

Nine times out of 10 you are calling us with a version of this question.  You might warm us up a little with some small talk, but “how much” is the primary reason for your call.I know you think that when you contact a place that builds gates for a living that price...

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Bless Frankie’s Heart! – Employee Profile

Many of you that know my husband, Jeffery, tell me, “Bless your heart.  I don’t know how you do it” While I appreciate it, you should save a heap of that “blessing” for Frankie Love.  He has been with Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron for five years. Most of those five...

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Calling an Expert vs Reading the Manual

I originally started writing this article for the readers who would like to have access to our commonly-used, electric-gate-operator and keypad manuals, but then I didn’t want to leave out people like me who get the sweats over reading a manual.  So, hang with me...

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Meet the Tunnells: Gardening, Grandkids, & God

When I returned Melinda Tunnell’s initial call for a gate, her voicemail sweetly said in a West Texas accent, “I’m either in the garden, chasing grand-kids or reading my Bible.”   As we got to know her through the process of building her gate, we found that...

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AC-Powered Electric Gate Operators vs Solar

Many of our clients don’t really have a choice.  We cover a mostly rural area where the gates are nowhere near a power source.  The one and only option for having the convenience of a gate that automatically opens and closes is solar power. However, some of you do...

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Why Not “Presbaugh” Custom Gate & Iron?

Jeffery chuckles when someone asks him when he is going to quit working for Aberdeen and start his own business.  Our #1 FAQ that is not about gates is, "Where did 'Aberdeen' came from?" Oftentimes this is asked in other ways like, "Do you have some kind...

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Expensive Mistakes and Favorite Gates of 2018

Last year’s big changes and costly lessons stretched us.  Most days were filled with decisions on how to survive.  But, when Jeffery and I look back on the year, we believe it will ultimately make us better.  Our goal is to grow from our mistakes of 2018, celebrate...

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Presbaugh Household Book List

I’m looking for help on a book list for 2019.  Oh ... and Jeffery says he’ll consider your recommendations as well.  Anything from good fiction (to help turn the brain off) to high-powered, business-improvement type books ... we are looking for ways to fuel our...

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McGough Family Racehorse Gate – Client Profile

“Thoroughbred racing is a game of kings, and we’re no kings,” says Dan McGough. But, he and his wife, Joyce, have won just enough to keep them playing the game and having fun doing it. “We got into the business because I wanted to raise babies,” said Dan.  And, even...

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Why Join An Art of Metal Fabrication Tribe?

It's amazing the number of friends, family and clients that have mentioned wanting my husband, Jeffery Presbaugh, to teach them to weld.  Let me clarify, I’m not saying I doubt his ability to teach!  I just don’t share the desire to learn to weld.  When you are...

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TEXSTAR Ford Security Gates – Client Profile

In 1998, Texstar Ford put down roots in Stephenville, Texas (also known as the  “Cowboy Capital of the World”).  They haven’t looked back.   I’ve not met someone from Stephenville, that doesn’t know where Texstar Ford is located. They support their...

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