Custom gates come in a vast array of styles, sizes, designs and prices, and run the gamut from being fabricated from wood, to iron, to aluminum to combinations of metals and wood.

Any entrance are beautified when embellished with a custom gate.  Here are two gates that have a way of dramatically enhancing the areas, for which, they are designed.


Garden Gates


Whether for flower gardens or vegetable/fruit gardens,wooden gates add an enhanced level of charm to an already-welcoming area of your property.  Ideally a garden gate should be incorporated into the personality of one’s home – whether that home is Contemporary, an English Tudor, a Spanish Colonial, a Craftsman-style home or any style, in between. 

Garden gates can be very simple or very fanciful.  Take, for example, a garden gate made from iron with arched tops, forged scroll detailing on the front grill, and open-design side pillars with ball finials.  This style would add a distinct Southern-Plantation or English-Country-Cottage ambiance.

How about an enchanting wooden garden gate?  Styles and designs are limited to only one’s imagination.  One especially unique look could incorporate a solid, wood-panel door with a rounded top.  The standout, eye-catching feature would be a large circular cut-out towards the top area.  Within that cut-out, a see-through, circular, scrolled iron piece could be fitted to add a striking impact.  This peek-a-boo style gate would offer the ability to view in and out, while still optimizing privacy.

Then, there are wooden, white-picket gates which add the classic appeal of an iconic design that has always proclaimed an inviting and welcoming touch.  A simple concave or convex formation at the top would serve to add even more warmth and appeal.  A black latch in addition to black metal hinges would create a striking contrast.  A garden gate can add a fairytale-type entrance into your private little world.


Courtyard Gates


When it comes to aesthetics, courtyard gates are optimally effective when they are integrated with the existing architectural theme.  Courtyard gates shouldn’t be intended as merely a device to ensure privacy but should, also, feel like an integral part of the overall composition.  Courtyard gates can become the crowning jewel of one’s property!

If your courtyard area exudes a rustic or western feel, how about two, side-by-side wooden barn-doors?  Add an extra dimension of personality with large, heavy iron hinges that flow from the doors’ sides and extend to the opposite sides, where both halves of the gate meet.  This type of strap hinge would garner immediate attention; and your courtyard gate would become an instant conversation piece!

Bi-fold wooden doors or panels can be an exquisite addition to your courtyard entrance, with the tops of each door displaying a half arch.  When closed, the half arches would come together to form a perfectly-rounded top.  Dark wooden gates with generous amounts of iron embellishments are beautifully conducive to stucco or plastered courtyard walls and stone or slate walkways that reflect an old ranch or hacienda atmosphere.

 An iron courtyard gate would, also, be dynamic; but regardless of material used, a courtyard gate should be designed to act as a true focal point that blends in with the surroundings yet stands out as a focal point, as well.

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