Moving into the country gives you more space with the peace and quiet you have always wanted. To keep it that way, your gate should firmly imply:

“Posted. No Trespassing. Keep Out.”

But, it should also be an artful expression of your personal style to welcome your friends.

We understand. About 15 years ago, Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron founder/owner, Jeffery Presbaugh, learned what happens in the country without a gate. When he wasn’t home, someone broke into his garage and stole his tools. It was an awful feeling that he helps his clients avoid.

He is also a craftsman. The gates Jeffery builds are not a commodity. Whether the gates are full of scrolls and ornate flourishes or modest and simple, he takes care in building them to hang straight, swing freely and make him proud to call his creations.

This pride of workmanship inspires the finer points that set Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron apart from our competition:

  • Shaking your hand in person instead of just quoting over the phone.
  • Providing a one-year labor warranty on our installations.
  • Extending the life of your equipment, improving security and preventing hassles is the aspiration of our annual maintenance planmembership.
  • Helping clients visualize their gate design on their property by using AutoCAD (computer automated design) See our design agreement.
  • Avoiding the unsightly rust runs that appear over time from pin holes in poor welds is accomplished with solid technique (but when there is a flaw, extra time is taken to buff, fill and grind these areas).
  • Installing maintenance-free (non-grease), roller-bearing hinges on gates we build.
  • Constructing adjustable posts where possible to correct for grounds swelling or contracting over time.
  • Suggesting surge protection to reduce exposure and prevent storm damage.
  • Boasting this area’s only certified automatic gate operator installers.
  • Using conduit to carry all of our wiring to protect it from pests and moisture.
  • Following code UL 325, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard for door and gate operators, regarding external entrapment protection devices.
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