Choosing the right gate for your business isn’t, necessarily, an easy choice to make when one considers the multitude of price ranges, styles, materials and operational features that are available.  “Should I choose wood, metal or wrought iron?  Should I incorporate, mostly, security features or look for a style that offers, strictly, beauty and ambiance to my business’ location?”

The gate you choose for your business can transform the look of your property from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’; and will serve to enhance the professional appearance you know is vitally important to your business’ success.  Additionally, a gate can serve as a deterrent to unwanted intruders.  Here are a few questions one should ask oneself when in the process of determining which gate might be right for one’s business.

1:  Why Am I Choosing a Gate for My Business?

The purpose behind your choice of gate for your business will determine the style you select to the materials you choose.  Since your business is a huge financial investment, you may want to consider combining security with beauty and enjoy the advantages of both worlds.  Steel, iron, aluminum and wood products can be fashioned to provide the security you might desire while still providing a striking ambiance to your business’ locale.  Steel and wrought iron might be the best choice if security is a major consideration.

If entry-control is a concern, everything from anti-ram gates with proven crash protection made from aluminum and steel to heavy-duty wrought iron gates topped with spikes have been used for security purposes for decades.  Cantilever slide gates, overhead slide, vertical lift, vertical pivot and swing gates are some of the popular choices of security options that offer optimum protection for business environments.

Also, choosing an access-control system is important when security concerns are a priority.  Standard lock, phone entry, keypad entry, card-reader or proximity-reader systems are a few options on the market.  Some entry-system technologies provide fingerprint recognition as well as event logs that can be used to track who enters and who exits your business property.

If aesthetics is your primary goal, all four materials—steel, iron, aluminum and wood—can be fabricated into a beautiful creation that will add that perfect, finishing touch.  You can custom order the gate of your choice to reflect your company’s brand or logo; and this, of course, would only serve to promote your business’ identity and status.

2: Do I Want My Gate to be Automated?

As would be expected, automated gates will cost more, but the convenience of automation cannot be overstated—compare it to having a television that operates with a remote verses one that must be operated, manually.  If an automated gate is your choice, be sure the gate opener is of high quality and will, easily, withstand salt air, pollution, rain and other outdoor elements.

It’s, also, important to keep in mind that purchasing a gate AND a gate operator from the same source will ensure superior performance and eliminate possible system malfunctions that can result from mismatched hardware.

3:  What Design/Style of Gate Should I Choose?

The gate you select for your business should, most definitely, complement the look or theme of your business’ exterior.  Would you be looking for a very ornate style and utilize the exquisite detailing that wrought iron can offer or would you be looking for a rustic feel where you could incorporate wood panels accented, perhaps, with steel or aluminum?

Would you prefer a rolling gate, a sliding gate or a swing gate that opens like a single door or a French door?  Some gates that open outward require more-level topography; and there is a limit to how much of an incline an open-style gate can accommodate.

Few things are more important than the appearance and security of your business.  Once you have determined the purpose of your gate as well as the design, style, the materials to be used, you will be ready to have your business gate custom-made or purchase one that is pre-fabricated.  Either way, the addition of a gate to your business location will add the beauty and/or security your business will, truly, benefit from.

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