Security Gates


In general, all gates are a form of security.

They are like doors. A closed and locked door is more secure than an open one. But, if you are shopping for a security gate, you are likely looking for commercial and industrial perimeter security gate that is:
– Taller. Not a gate you can step over.
– Denser. A gate that obstructs visibility.
– Formidable. Obviously not a welcome sign.

The features and design of your security gate will depend on your business, location, and level of accessibility. We can build the appropriate gate as well as install and maintain the necessary access control features – allowing the right people in and keeping the wrong people out.

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Sample Security Gate Designs

What others say

“Jeffery provided the perfect solution for my gate and security. He designed a simple but appealing entrance. He was on time and on budget with exceptional quality. I highly recommend him for anyone with an eye for quality and design.”

– Mary Ann Williamson

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