Utilizing gates for one’s property used to be reserved for the wealthy; and though some very exclusive gates can run into many thousands of dollars, gorgeous estate gates can be, surprisingly, affordable for most homeowners.


There are a number of reasons why people choose to add gates to their property — here are three of them.  


Gates Provide Security


Regardless of whether a custom gate is fabricated from wood, steel and/or wrought iron, security enhancement is a big reason gate owners choose to have a custom gate installed.  Many families realize crime is on the rise, everywhere.  Adding one extra layer of protection to one’s home – even if it is a security measure that just slows down a perpetrator – it is extra protection that can make a difference between being able to make a 911 call or not.


A driveway can serve as the most vulnerable opening leading to one’s home with, perhaps, the rest of the property being an impregnable perimeter – let’s assume that is the case, here.   A driveway gate that is designed with security in mind can seal that vulnerability, providing a seamlessly-secured boundary around one’s entire estate.  Yes, some will say, “If someone wants to get in, they will” – perhaps, and perhaps not – depending on how secured the fencing and the gate, itself, truly are. 


A security gate can offer a psychological detterant for many intruders who would become discouraged at the mere sight of a gate that may look or feel intimidating.  Intruders will look for much softer targets in the neighborhood or surrounding area.  A gate provides a first line of defense to protect not only your family, but valuable investments such as vehicles, outbuildings, tools & machinery, and more.


Many homeowners are adding security controls to their existing gates with buzzers, intercoms, CCTV cameras, electric locks, and smart-phone access to add that one thing we all desire:  peace of mind.     


Gates Provide Privacy


It’s a jungle out there; and all the hustle and bustle of the outside world can be emotionally taxing.  Being able to establish a separation between you and your family and the stress that lies beyond is what a gate can do – a literal separation between you and the world.  This, alone, can create a psychological sense of increased peace and serenity.


A gate design that offers optimized privacy, also, addresses a very real concern regarding pets and children, in particular.  Without a privacy gate, one can inadvertently allow the outside world to view a family’s young children or dogs who could be valued for nefarious reasons by those with malicious intentions.  Not advertising who lives at your residence, via a gate that offers privacy, is taking a prudent, proactive step to deter those who might otherwise view what is, beyond, as enticing targets.     


Gates Add a Touch of Elegance


Adding an extra touch of class to an estate is always a financially-beneficial choice.  Eye-catching elegance, via a gorgeous gate, will add instant market value of one’s property and enhance the surrounding aesthetics with dramatic visual impact.  Though there was as time when gates were strictly utilitarian in terms of providing security and privacy, that has all changed.  The beauty and sophistication that customized gates provide simply cannot be argued; and the designs, styles and features that are thoughtfully crafted, create unique, unforgettable impressions.  Sometimes, a gate may serve no other purpose than to artfully announce you are about to enter a very special residence! 


People truly do love gates – they not only serve as a stunning addition to complement one’s home, pool and/or landscape design, they offer boundary definition and peace-of-mind security!

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