If you own a business with a physical address, you are well aware of the added expenses that go with owing real business property verses one that is on-line.  Lease expenses, utilities, insurance, additional team-members, maintenance costs, etc, take a financial toll.  Meeting those expenses means your business must succeed; and the stakes are high.


Part of reaping maximized success lies in the first impression your location portrays to all passersby as well as potential customers who would be reaching your store on the internet.  People will, partly, equate your business’ success with your store’s appearance – it’s human nature – it is appearance that gives that all-important first-impression.  The bottom line is:  your business’ physical portrayal is crucial, and beautifying its outward ambiance can be accomplished in three vital ways – let’s take a peek at how you can do that.


Include Striking Hardscaping


Hardscaping deals with decorative enhancements involving hard landscape materials that add eye-candy to any location.  Classy wood, iron or brick planters filled with sword fern, flowering kale, winter-hardy white cyclamen, and bright complimentary flowers add an undeniable burst of appeal and charm.  This type of refreshing ambiance is extremely attention-grabbing and can even draw potential customers into your store due to the psychological appeal, alone.  Other hardscape embellishments could include:

  • Rustic brick walkways
  • Retaining walls
  • A pergola over the front entrance or any patio area, or
  • A small water fountain which would add auditory appeal, as well


The texture, dimension and color that hardscaping can provide, will add stunning curb appeal that creates undeniable attention; and as a business owner, that is exactly what you want!  When your business looks incredible from the outside, and if the outside beauty can be seen from the inside as well, your business’ reputation and customer flow will be enhanced!


Include a Customized Gate


If your business location is conducive to the inclusion of a customized gate, you have a golden opportunity to really make your business strut its stuff!  Depending on the theme of your business, a customized gate can beautifully complement that theme and would add an extreme touch of sophistication.  Whether your gate would be fabricated from wood, metal, aluminum, wrought iron or a combination of these materials, the transformation of your property would leap from ‘ordinary’ to ‘extraordinary’ – it would be enough to make your competition jealous!


Include a Customized Emblem


Your logo is a visual representation of everything your business represents.  This identity piece sells; and the gold arch that represents McDonalds, the swoosh design for Nike and the ‘good hands’ logo for Allstate, speak loud and clear.  Black Tree Boutique in Bellevue, Nebraska recently added a customized iron tree emblem to its property to help promote this new shop on the block.  Owner, Cindy McCormack, states:  “I’ve used my black-tree symbol on my website, social networking, flyers and email correspondence so I decided a customized emblem on the outside of my store would naturally expand on that. The black, iron tree is such a cool addition to my entire store!  My customers have commented on its appearance; and they have told me they tell their friends to simply look for the black, iron tree out front!  I couldn’t be happier with the emblem’s ability to promote my brand and beautify my storefront!”


Adding hardscapes, a customized gate, and a customized emblem can, dramatically, promote your business and add striking, unarguable visual appeal!



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