Privacy is a coveted thing, especially when you are in the comfort of your own home. Glaring headlights, pedestrian traffic, road noise, and even wind can hinder the level of enjoyment and privacy in a yard. When choosing how to make your own yard more private, there are many practical possibilities to achieve that goal. A few factors to consider are style, maintenance, and the level of privacy, and possibly security, that you are looking for.


Custom Gate and Fence

A custom gate and fence will ensure year-round coverage and the ultimate level of privacy to your yard. There are a variety of styles and materials to choose from – wrought iron to wood planks, stone to synthetic – giving your home curb appeal and unique sense of style. Once installed, a custom gate and fence will also provide security with a low amount of maintenance. Wood generally only needs to be painted or stained every few years, while other materials require even less attention. To provide even more originality, simply add a row of annuals or shrubs or choose tall-growing perennials to add an extra level of screening. No matter what material or style you choose, it is important to check with local building codes before installing a custom gate or fence.



Hedges are a beautiful and environmentally friendly way to add privacy to your space. It’s essentially a living fence! Your climate will determine the type of hedge or shrub you choose, but there are a wide variety of plants to suit the style of your home. Hedges not only provide wonderful ambiance and privacy, they are very effective at blocking wind and road noise. However, they do require frequent trimming to keep them looking manicured. For a more natural look that requires less maintenance, you may choose to use shrubs planted tightly together. Either option is sure to create a peaceful and private oasis.



Lattice is easy to install and usually less expensive than a traditional fence or hedge, but still an effective option when it comes to privacy. Some might feel it unnecessary to enclose an entire yard, in which case, lattice can be a wonderful solution. Because it can be found in varying heights, it can be used wherever a bit of intimacy is desired. Lattice can be found in a variety of patterns and styles, as well, each allowing for vines, flowering shrubs, crawling roses, or ivy to flourish. While lattice alone aids in privacy, foliage imparts an additional feeling of seclusion. Although it may require a bit more attention than some of the previously mentioned methods and will not lend the same level of durability, it will undoubtedly give your yard a distinctive charm.


The options for creating a private yard are truly endless and as unique as the homeowner. As you can see, within each aforementioned category is a variety of additional choices. While deciding which path to take, know that any choice will provide a level of intimacy and beauty to your home and add value to your property, all while displaying your personal style.


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