The brilliant thing about signs is that often times they are unforgettable.  They are meant to grab our attention and remind us of a person, place, or thing.  Made in eye-catching colors and creatively crafted, signs have a way of sticking in a person’s mind for a lifetime.  Think about it. When you need to make a stop at Target, what do you picture?  For most of us, it’s the red bull’s eye.  See?  That example alone is a prime display of why signage is so important.  It’s about association and memory and returning to a product or place based off the memory of what you saw.  Pretty amazing!  Here are 5 more famous signs you will likely be familiar with.

The Hollywood Sign:

Notably one of the most famous signs of all time, this sign draws people in from all over the world.  Nestled in the famous hills of Los Angeles, it stands out over the city as a pointer to the industry it represents.  One simple glance of this sign might elicit feelings of nostalgia from the film industry gone by, and possible excitement over the innovation through film which exists there today.

The Starbucks Sign:

Another highly recognizable sign is that famous coffee symbol, which displays a picture of a mermaid within a green circle.  She is the face of some of the world’s most famous coffee, and seems to be popping up on every corner.  Developed in the 1970s, the Starbucks founders wanted signage that represented the coffee spot’s origins in seaport-heavy Seattle.  This desire led many of them to search through old marine books, which ultimately led them to a picture of the mermaid.  She has been changed to fit the vision of the founders, and so what you see today is very different than the original image.

The Apple Store Sign:

Who doesn’t immediately associate a perfectly-shaped partially eaten apple with hours of fun?  Most people today automatically think of the ever popular little black handheld devices that Apple continues to produce.  There are many theories behind how the sign and logo came to be, but one thing is for sure and that is the fact that many people are drawn towards it!

The McDonald’s Sign:

Nothing quite symbolizes American fast food history like the famous golden arches of the McDonald’s sign.  This food chain sign can be seen worldwide today, but it’s look has changed tremendously over the years.  During the 1960s with its origination, the arches were created to offer a stylized appearance to the restaurant, and later the arches took on more of an “M” design to stand for the first letter of the fast food chain’s name.

The Route 66 Sign:

Arguably one of the most famous road signs in American history, this sign is a symbol of the many journeys taken across this nation by car or bus.  This popular road sign is posted along one of the oldest U.S. Highways known as Route 66.


As you can see, these famous signs are deep set in the heart of America and it’s signage history.  Of course, there are many others, but the 5 mentioned above are some the most notable of all time-both past and present.

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