If you have decided to install an automatic swing-open or slide-open gate for your home or business, then you have been faced with the challenge of deciding which brand. You’ll need to analyze what you need and the requirements for your project. While there are many brands to choose from, individually observing each one and its specific details will help you establish which one will best fit your needs. Let’s take a look at eight different leading names in the gate business.

Nice (formerly Apollo)

The first brand we’ll look at is Nice/Apollo. They are a San Antonio based company that has been trusted since 1984. They offer both swing-open and slide-open options, as well as barrier arms. One of their unique qualities is their solar powered feature advantages. You have the choice to install a power-saving energy harness within your gate system.


Viking Access Systems is an installer favorite, because they have easily accessible technical support. This company provides great options for slide gate operators, swing gate operators, telephone entry systems, remote controls, gate accessories and gate parts.


A second brand to observe would be All-o-matic. This brand prides themselves on being the only ones who offer a complete line of AC and DC (automatic circuit and digital circuit) swing gate openers. They promise to cater to all your needs within the whole package of gate installation, from small accessories to battery back-ups and everything in between.


Linear is another brand choice. This company’s focal point is their radio frequency remote controls. They are also part of the GTO Access Systems group and represent themselves professionally and thoroughly. In addition to these facts, they are also the largest online selection for all your gating needs.


LiftMaster is also a highly recommended brand for gate operators. Their products have been trusted for 45 years. One of their specific selling points is their ability to build in smart phone connection and control with your gate devices. They also offer battery back-up for automatic circuits.


One other brand to consider is Elite. Elite prides themselves on being the leading provider of highest quality products for swing-open and slide-open gates and barrier arms (as well as a plethora of other products). They promise to offer excellent customer service and assist their customers with any and every need. They assure their employees are well-informed with product know-how and will easily be able to accompany the needs of their clients.

U.S. Automatic

U.S. Automatic is another well-received gating brand. Their company has been manufacturing for 21 years and their products are widely used all across the states. Their focal point is low-voltage options to save power and to save you money. Solar options can be found within this brand as well.


Finally, though not a gate operating system, CellGate is a popular add-on that is worth mentioning here. They offer all cellular technology options for your gate system. These communication processes are made possible through antennas set up on the exterior of the gate.

So, in closing, if one of these options ends up working for you and your particular needs, contact your local dealer or distributor to install your gate system.           

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