Have you ever seen a custom-made gate that truly caught your eye?  Furthermore, have you ever wondered how these works-of-art are created?   Customized gates are the result of highly-skilled craftsmen (or women!) who specialize in the fabrication of these beauties using a variety of techniques to achieve the exact look and feel a client desires.  Whether it’s designing and creating logos or sculptures for a business or whether it’s fabricating a design that represents a family tradition or hobby or even producing a striking likeness of a cherished pet, virtually anything and everything can be transformed from an idea held in one’s imagination to a stunning 3-D reality!

The tools and techniques to transform ‘vision’ to ‘realism’, with respect to custom-designed gates, require multiple applications:  anvil and forge (an age-old method using heat and hammering), MIG (a specialized-type of welding), plasma (high-tech metal-cutting) , water-jet technologies (cutting metals using pressurized-water) and what is referred to as CAD or Computer-Aided Design.  Computer-Aided Design is where clients have an opportunity to sit down with the artisan and become intimately involved with the design of the image that is yet to be fashioned.  It is here where it becomes very exciting for all involved since everything from imaging to design variations to viewing the ‘finished’ product become an optic journey that produces excitement and eager anticipation!

Let’s delve a bit more into Computer-Aided Design and how it helps to create the gorgeous pieces of eye-candy incorporated as sculptures or custom-gates you see embellishing distinguished businesses, homes, ranches and expansive estates.

So, How Does CAD Software Work?

Computer-Aided-Design is a specialized software program that allows specialists in the customized-iron arena to bring the clients’ ideas to life!   CAD is so intricate and precise it is used in aerospace design, architectural structuring, film animation and a whole host of other highly-technical applications.   In fact, almost every automotive manufacturer in the entire world relies on CAD to assist in the design, engineering and manufacturing of everything from trucks to race-cars to SUVs to military Humvee’s.

CAD Offers Efficiency and Precision:

The level of micro-detailing that is offered through Computer-Aided Design is nothing short of astonishing.  When clients sit down with a representative from Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, for example, detailed information can be shared for analyses and feedback by viewing visual prototypes that can be modified and refined, on demand.   This helps to minimize the time it would normally take to fabricate a gate, for example, from drawing board to finished product.

CAD software is so fine-tuned that any possible design faults can be immediately identified and eliminated to ensure the highest-level of perfection in both design and functionality of the item to be produced.  Computer simulations allow a client to view his or her gate or sculpture with intricate, animated 3-D features; and at this point, it’s impossible to not become excited about how an idea from one’s imagination has, almost magically, taken shape on the computer screen!

Thanks to CAD software, production time is reduced and the customized-iron products are crafted better, faster and more cost-effectively.  And in the end, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved; and CAD software helps to make it all happen!

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