Cold weather can cause some issues with your gate operators. These are some potential problems and solutions that might save you an invoice from your friendly gate repair man.


  • Slower to open
  • Consistently only opens after multiple attempts
  • Movement is choppy or sporadic
  • Squeaking or other new sounds
  • Stays open, won’t close

Tips to remedy:

  • Make sure your hinges, rollers and bearing surfaces are well greased.
  • Disconnect cables from the battery. Clean corrosion, dirt, other debris from the ends of the cables as well as battery terminals.
  • Check that your photo eye (and possible receiver) are free of obstruction. Remove leaves, snow, sleet, etc. We apply RainX to help shed the water.
  • If it still not working, it is likely time to check the battery. We like using Batteries Plus –

Regular maintenance is key.  You can download a “do-it-yourself” list we made by clicking here.  Or, check out our maintenance service plan that includes discounts on other repairs.


  • If you don’t have a photo eye, it is a required UL-325 safeguard against entrapment that we put on all new gate operators that we install (and recommend adding if we are asked to repair operators we have not installed).
  • If your battery is over 2 years old, it is likely time for a new one.

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