You take great pride in the gate you own. It’s a reflection of your home’s ambiance, your unique personality, your special interests or your business’ brand.  Not only should your cherished gate be well maintained, but your gate’s operator does too.  

Even though higher-quality automatic gate openers are embedded in more secure enclosures for added protection – and even though higher-quality circuit boards are more resistant to damage – there is no gate opener that is impervious to everything life throws its way.  There are things an owner can do, however, to ensure any gate opener performs beautifully for as long as possible.

Here are a few tips to make sure that happens:


Protect Your Gate Operator from Pests


To keep pest damage at bay, it is vital that a yearly maintenance program be established by a pest-control professional.  Insects and other pests can reek havoc on electrical equipment.  The slime trail from something as innocent as snails, as well as spider webs that have collected dew, are surprisingly conductive and will damage or destroy a circuit board.  Then, there are bee nests which will corrode circuitry.  

Gate openers, in particular, are very attractive to insects and small varmints that seek protection from the elements.  Some commonly discoverd critters found in gate opener boxes include:

  • Fire-ant mounds
  • Rodents, and
  • Snakes  

Ants in particular are attracted to low electrical voltage. Rodents enjoy nesting in equipment housings.  Surprisingly, built up insect carcasses can cause a short, and damage one or more components. 

Just like a car or in-ground pool that require a yearly ‘check up’, gate operators require the same.  Pest-control professionals will know what to look for regarding insect damage; they will clean any areas that may be infested, and utilize products as preventative measures to keep pests from returning.   


Lubricate Your Gate Operators Parts


Regardless of whether one owns a lower-end or higher-end gate system, they should all receive proactive care to ensure optimal performance.  

Parts will need to be lubricated to combat potential mechanical issues. Wire connections need to be adequately tightened to ensure no electrical problems develop. Also, testing all equipment, including any automatic gate operators, is crucial.  

Nipping minor issues in the bud before they become more-costly issues will keep your gate opener and the entire gate system, running smoothly.


Establish A Maintenance Contract


A maintenance contract may or may not include insect inspection and prevention, as mentioned, but a maintenance contract, in and of itself, is your best bet to maintain and maximize your gate operator’s integrity and longevity.  Maintenance contracts vary and run the gamut from ‘basic’ to ‘fully comprehensive’ – all dependent on how much you wish to spend, the quality of the gate system and how frequently the gate is used.  A basic version may offer a once-a-year inspection while a more elaborate maintenance contract could offer every amenity, possible, including 4 annual inspections, complimentary replacement on parts, regular discounts, and more.

Check out our maintenance plan. Let us know if you have questions.

Gate operators are complex machines; and unless one has the knowledge it takes to maintain these devices, the results can prove to be disastrous.  A highly-trained gate operator professional has the expertise to successfully calibrate the gate opener to allow the gate to precisely open and close, on command.         

Take care of your gate operator and it will take care of your gate – for a long time!    

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