Owning a home is personal – it fosters an emotional experience that creates a deep sense of belonging, pride and accomplishment.  And along with home-ownership, comes the delight with being able to customize our homes any way we see fit; and there are a number of ways that can be accomplished.


Here are five projects you can do to add very distinct, personal touches that will set your home apart as well as reflect your unique personality.  Customization has everything to do with feeling like your home IS you.


Let’s begin:


Include a Fabulous Outdoor Feature


Oh, the ideas that can flow when it comes to outdoor fun spots!  Whether it’s a cozy fire-pit to be enjoyed on cool evenings, an outdoor kitchen for the chef in your life, a fabulous hot tub that can be relished all year long, an infinity pool, or a Tiki Bar – outdoor designs represent personalities and passions.


Outdoor features are more than just equity builders and add-on aesthetics.  Any given inclusion of this type is a soul-soother – a get-away or sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the work-a-day world.  Additional outdoor features could include an outside living room with fireplace, a private dock or a putting green.  Though many outdoor features can be very pricey, for some homeowners a renewed soul is worth every penny it might take.


Include Your Travels


Decorating, certainly, does not need to follow a pattern where every room reflects the same theme such as ultra-modern, shabby chic or distressed country.  Though all lovely in their own right, be daring enough to think outside the box when it comes to interior design.  You can create a special room that reflects any traveling you have done – especially travel that has included trips that evoked a great sense of emotion.  It might have been a prolonged stay at an Austrian village where you met family members for the first time or a honeymoon in Ireland that simply took your breath away.


Walls filled with beautifully framed travel memories and furniture pieces that remind you of where you stayed as well as exotic or warm accent-pieces that reflect your voyages will all come together to create an ambiance that everyone will feel as soon as they enter – especially you!  Whether your travels included Colorado, Canada or the Caribbean – the goal is to make your travel room feel welcoming, cozy and completely personal.


Include Your Child’s Art


Have you every considered framing your children’s or grand-children’s artwork?  Though any piece may appear primitive or simplistic, that one-of-kind creation, to you, is endearing and priceless.  Display your little’s ones artistic talents in strategic places throughout your home or display them as part of an entire gallery wall.  The key, however, is to place any artwork in a fabulous frame which will guarantee your child’s masterpiece will become a true conversation piece.

Your child’s framed and displayed art will reflect your love and admiration for that special little person in your life; and think of how special he or she will feel when they view one of their personal creations on a wall or resting on an easel for everyone to see – Priceless!


Include a Personalized Front-Door Wreath


Your front door is a perfect space that can be utilized to customize your home; and one way to add a splash of distinct personality is to include a wreath that is all about you!  A stunning floral wreath embedded with a large wooden letter to reflect your family’s last name creates a welcoming ambiance.  If your family is musically inclined and loves to play the piano, go all out with a wreath created from clothespins positioned in circular form and painted alternating colors of black and white.  Add wooden musical notes, painted black – voile`!   You have a wreath that makes it very clear one or more pianists reside within.


Include a Customized Gate


Adding a customized gate just might be the ultimate expression of personalization when it comes to adding a one-of-a-kind touch to your home.  Whether its a beautiful garden gate that provides a gorgeous entryway into a yard or flower garden, or a majestic iron masterpiece on your driveway that proudly proclaims your property, your home will stand out!  Customized gates can be fabricated from wood or wood and iron as well as other materials; and any design can be created to reflect your life, your passions, your talents or your heritage.


At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, we specialize in customized gates where attention to detail is of the utmost importance.  Our experienced artists fabricate these beauties so exquisitely, they take our patrons’ breath away – yes, they are that stunning!


Let us know what your fantasy gate might look like – we’ll sit down with you and computer-image your ideas – you will be astounded!

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