All one has to do is pick up a home-improvement magazine to take in the myriad of ways you can add prestige and pinache to your property.  Thoughtfully-selected additions instantly increase your home’s market value, dramatically enhance your property’s elegance, and optimize your enjoyment of your very special, personal space.


Here are five exciting additions that can transform your personal oasis from ‘regular’ to ‘radical’.


Add an Heirloom-Quality Custom Gate


Adding a customized gate could be considered the ultimate expression of sophistication for your property!  Whether it is a stunning garden gate or a majestic iron masterpiece that accentuates your home’s landscape, it will, surely, become a family heirloom! 


Customized gates can be fabricated from wood, wood & iron and other materials; and any design can be crafted to display pets, angels, landscapes, musical instruments, personal passions or anything else that would suit your fancy.  Customized gates are, truly, one-of-a-kind works of art!


At Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron, our expert artisans can create a beauty, just for you, that will take your breath away.   


Install a Beckoning Outdoor Fireplace


Perhaps, one of the coziest additions to a home would be an outdoor fireplace.  Making Smores with the kiddies or enjoying a crackling fire with close friends is what memories are made.  Adding a few pieces of outdoor furniture would set the scene for an inviting living room feel.  Over-stuffed chairs, ottomans, colorful weather-proof area rugs, and large pots filled with wild grasses/vines & flowers would combine to, exquisitely, create a personal oasis.


If a fireplace is a bit too pricey, consider a fire-pit.  They can range from extremely affordable to very extravagant. Some higher-end models offer a simple push of a button to activate a clean-burning fire that can last up to 8 soothing hours.


Include a Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen


Outdoor kitchens can be big-ticket items depending on how high-end your appliances might be and how many amenities you might include.  Amenities can include side-burners, warming drawers, refrigerators, beer taps and beverage and cocktail coolers. 


Whether you would select a few simple features or add a complete set-up that would impress a world-class chef, you will find yourself having created a welcoming ‘watering hole’ where family and friends are drawn together.  Grilling and cooking food in an outdoor kitchen dining together has a way of stimulating conversation and closeness, among those you care about the most. 


Whet your Appetite with a Hot Tub


How about a personal get-away that includes continuously-available therapy from the daily stresses of traffic-jams, unruly bosses and overtime hours?  That would be a hot-tub!  Hot tubs are one’s ticket to physical and mental R&R.  Being able to use hot-tubs throughout the year is a huge plus; and they require only about 10 minutes of maintenance each week when a 24-hour, 1/3-hp circulation pump is utilized.


Add a generous dose of personality to your hot-tub area by utilizing large pots filled with tall, ornamental grasses such as ‘switch grass’ which is a perennial and quickly grows to a height of up to 6 feet.  When placed about 2-feet apart, this type of vegetation will form a natural screen to offer privacy and coveted serenity.  Add to that, exotic flame-lit torches, and you can wallow in a romantic get-away without the price of airline tickets! 


Create Stunning Curb Appeal


Curb appeal is synonymous with ‘first impression’.  Make your home’s curb appeal eye-catching enough that it actually makes a statement that conveys a warm sense of ‘welcome’.  Add beautiful beds of flowers, potted plants and trees to your property; and have them positioned in strategic locations.  If your exterior once looked ‘frumpy’, it can be transformed into ‘fabulous’.  Group plants by height: and layer the groupings for optimized visual appeal.  Colors, textures, sizes and shapes of plants will interplay to create stunning curb appeal which, by the way, can add a whopping 20% to a home’s property value!


Curb appeal is not limited to only vegetation.  Your walkways and driveway can be refinished with cobblestones.  A quaint, old-world ambiance can be created with antique cobblestones that will add warmth and historic beauty.  Worn-looking, rounded tops and classic color combinations will replicate characteristic, Old-World styling.     


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