There is certainly something to be said about the conveniences involved with owning an automatic gate verses a manual one.  Automatic gates offer several coveted benefits, two of which, include not having to expose yourself to inclement weather and remaining safe by having the option of staying in your vehicle at all times.

Converting your manual gate to an automatic certainly can be done, but there are a few things to take into consideration.  Let’s take a look at what those considerations are.

Do You Currently Own A Manual Swing Gate?

If you own a swing or double-swing gate, you’ll need to assess the type and strength of your posts.   The material the posts are constructed of will determine a lot–for example:

1:  if the posts are wood, they will need to be replaced in order to accommodate an automatic system.

2:  if your gates are secured to masonry columns, the columns will need to be replaced by heavy steel posts.

3:  if your gates are hung off a steel plate or steel posts that are actually embedded into the masonry column, chances are, no replacement will be necessary.  With that being said, you may be limited with having to use only a pad-mount swing-gate operator.

4:  if your gates are attached to heavy-weight steel which are embedded in concrete, you will have no problems with incorporating an automated system.

Manual swing gate hinges that secure the gate to the posts will need to be replaced.  That is typically a given when converted to an automated system.

Different Swing Gates—Different Logistics:

Don’t get discouraged just because there are a few other restrictions you should be aware of.

If you own a wood swing gate, the frame is not conducive to automation per se, but the good news is, there are some exceptions.   Thinner wood gates are out of luck but thick, durable hardwood gates will work!  If your wood gate is questionable in terms of being able to handle automation, you have the option of having a professional construct a steel frame, on which, to mount your wood gate.

Chain link swing gates work well with automation assuming there is no substantial sagging or flexing; and steel frame swing gates pose no problems with automation.

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