Emblems that represent a business are nothing new, at all; and they are utilized by successful enterprises around the world as an integral component of a company’s recognition and reputation.  Emblems create loyalty between a business and its real customers; and they open intrigue and interest for those who may be potential customers. In the end, emblems serve as a company’s most-vital identity piece.


Emblems, coupled with aggressive and creative marketing strategies, can create a definitive identity mantra that sells a product or service –  BIG TIME!  Take, for example, the red, fancy-font lettering for “Coca-Cola”, or the white letters that spell “LEGO” on a red background, or the yellow and white letters that spell out “SUBWAY” – these emblems are instantly recognizable and need no further introduction.  They have so embedded themselves in the American culture and psyche, they sell the businesses they are attached to, without saying a word.


If your business has a physical address, adding an emblem to your property is a dynamic way to expand on your business’s brand and presence.  McDonald’s golden arches, Apple’s chomped apple in basic black, and FedEx’s purple and orange lettering are three, out of thousands of famous emblems, that promoted their respective companies, all the way to the bank!


Let’s delve a bit more deeply as to why a customized business emblem for your product or service is so worth considering:


More IS More


Yes, there are times when less is more; but when it comes to helping your business expand, the more you can advertise, the more potential for optimum success.  An emblem design embedded on your physical property allows for continuous advertising and should compliment the same design people would see on your email correspondence and promotional materials.  Consistent exposure of what your business represents is just, plain good business sense.


With real-estate success, it’s all about ‘location – location – location‘; but with business success, it’s all about ‘exposure – exposure – exposure’.  Many people are visual and better remember what they see as opposed to what they might hear.  Adding a customized emblem on your business site will be eye-catching and, automatically, enhance and promote your brand.


Reputation is HUGE


People covet businesses that are committed, stable and reputable – no surprise there.  A custom-fabricated emblem offers a psychological edge with portraying a business that reflects exactly that: commitment, stability and sound reputation.  So much of what a makes a business tick is based on psychology; and that psychology can make or break an emerging or established company.  Whether your company has existed for 10 years or only a few, an emblem indicates that you are proud of your product or service.  For many, your pride and investment in your identity will be synonymous with quality.  Quality equates to trust; and trust equals sales!


Competition is Meant to Be Beat


It is true, competition does breed excellence; and that excellence that you would strive for should have everything to do with being the lead-dog!  Your competition will keep you on your toes to be the best of the best with your particular brand; and one way to stand out from the rest of the pack is to have an emblem created that sets you apart.  And again, your emblem needs to be incorporated as an integral component of a strong marketing program and should be designed to contribute a lion’s share of your strategy’s success.


Because emblems transcend language and culture, your business’s emblem, over time, would have the potential to speak volumes, without uttering a single word – it’s all about beating the competition and being the lead dog!

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