Custom Wrought-Iron Gates Will Endure The Test Of Time

It’s an art-form—it’s a skilled craft—it’s a combination of old-world metallurgy and high-tech methodologies that produce some of the most intricate and eye-catching custom-made gates you can feast your eyes on.  These dramatic pieces embellish properties belonging to businesses and homes in every corner of the globe; and custom-designed iron gates have been around far longer than most people realize.

For thousands of years, customized iron gates were an integral part of human civilization; and these magnificent structures were fabricated via anvil and forge techniques where hammers, anvils and fire created not only gates but tools, jewelry, weaponry and a whole host of other metal items.  Bronze and iron were used to fashion incredibly heavy and enduring gated entries, primarily for protection.  Castles throughout the world still house these virtually indestructible defenses.    As was true of many castles, an iron-gate would be installed behind a heavy, wooden main-entrance door in case the wood door were to become compromised.

Way Back When:

In Old-World Scotland and England, lattice-style wrought-iron gates were produced with what was called ‘through and through’ construction where both horizontal and vertical iron bars were woven around and through each other, producing an actual weave-pattern.   This design was very intentional since it proved to be impossible to dismantle as well as adding to the immense weight of these formidable defenses.  Here are a few historic relics that are ‘living’ testimony to the endurance of iron gates that simply cannot be denied.   Wrought-iron gates endure the test of time!

* Blackness Castle:

Though built in the 1400’s, the Blackness Castle went through tumultuous times; and various areas of the castle were modified throughout history.  In 1693, one area that was changed was the castle’s front entrance that became the recipient of a custom-made, lattice-work iron-gate.  That impressive piece still proudly adorns the front passage-way of this very, very old Scottish fortress.   The bolts that anchor the gate are over 300 years old and are still securely in place!

* Thornbury Castle:

The Thornbury Castle is situated in England and was built in the early 15th Century.  The magnificent, arched front entrance is adorned by a bi-fold wrought-iron gate with exquisite detailing.  The gate was hand-forged and custom-made and remains fully intact and securely attached to the rounded stone frame that is situated on the bricked entry-way!

* Lismore Castle:

Dating back to the 12th century, the Lismore Castle was an actual residence that still offers an enchanting entrance that is protected with a lovely bi-fold, wrought-iron-gate.  The design of this customized beauty incorporates scrolling features in addition to twisted vertical bars.  Both sides of this gate are still attached to the stone pillars that flank it!

If you desire a ‘Wow’ factor for your home, a wrought-iron gate will add an ambiance that cannot be ignored.    The endurance of a wrought-iron gate is unsurpassed—it will prove to be a timeless piece that will serve as a family heirloom for decades and decades to come!

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