If you were asked the question: “What makes a gate great?” it’s fairly predictable your answer would differ, somewhat, from other respondents’ answers to that same question.  The answers would be subjective based on what any particular gate owner might desire in a gate for his or her property.

So, what generally makes a gate great?  Here are a few considerations:

A Gate needs to be Strong

Regardless of how expensive or inexpensive a property’s gate might have been at the time of purchase, any gate owner will want his or her gate to last as long as possible.  Whether one is comparing Italian-leather loafers to rubber flip-flops or comparing a stately mansion to a camping trailer, the materials used in the construction of each of those items would not be equal in strength and durability to its corresponding counterpart.  Iron, wood, aluminum, vinyl and other materials can be used in the manufacturing of gates.  Some materials, of course, will stand the test of time far better than others.

Do you want the ultimate in strength and durability in a gate?  If so, wrought iron is an unsurpassed choice.  You will not find a stronger gate material than wrought iron.  Virtually nothing can damage this material; and a wrought iron gate will remain in pristine condition for decades.  In fact, wrought iron can last a lifetime and still be in perfect shape.  The downside to a wrought iron gate is a very practical one:  wrought iron gates can be very expensive!

A Gate needs to be Stunning

There are gates; and then there are gates.  Gates that are fabricated with intricate, unique and visually-appealing shapes are works-of-art in their own right.  These types of gates add value to a property as well as immense ambiance.  Wrought iron is very conducive to being manipulated into intricate designs, but other gate materials can be stunning as well.

Wooden entrance gates, for example, can add natural beauty to one’s property and can be fabricated to look like barn doors or even medieval castle entries embellished with iron handles and iron rivets.  Wooden gates can be crafted with arched or undulating topsides and add a rich and impressive addition to any residence.

When heirloom-quality craftsmanship is incorporated into any high-quality gate, one has indeed ‘inherited’ a masterpiece that will be cherished for many, many years.

A Gate Should Reflect Your Personal Taste

A great gate will be well designed and add unarguable appeal and style to any home.  That appeal and style, however, can emerge in a million different ways—each, of which, should reflect the taste and personality of the gate’s owner.  Since a gate of quality is truly like a fine piece of furniture, the investment in a gate should not be superficially considered.  One should take into account materials that go into the gate’s construction, the design (whether simple or elaborate), the gate’s ability to correctly enhance the ambiance of a given property, and the ability of the gate to make its owner feel completely satisfied about his or her selection.  All these considerations combine to make a gate great; and a great gate–regardless of price—is a sound investment!

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