Those lucky enough to own a property, business or home with the capacity for a gate should realize the benefits of a custom built one. After all, it will be the first and last visual your visitors and clients enjoy; therefore, the entrance you create should be exactly what you’ve always wanted.


Customization with a professional like those at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron allows the possibility of a gate that’s unique to you and your property. Whether you have a clear, specific vision or simply a space you know needs a gate you’ve yet to picture, we at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron can help. Customization with us will not only provide a functional entrance that wows, but a statement installation that will stand the test of time.


For over 20 years, we at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron have provided quality gates and specialized in custom constructions and daring designs. We’re versatile in our gate building methods, which we mold to fit the needs of each customer.


Each custom iron gate we produce is artfully hand crafted and built to last.  In fact, some of the hammer and forge techniques are the oldest in history; we know what it takes to make a gate that not only will last, but will also put a signature mark on your home or business. While we mostly specialize in more traditional designs, we’re happy to accommodate any customization you need.


That’s the beauty of customization with those of us at Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron, not only will you tap into our years of knowledge and expertise, but our creativity. A custom gate with us can be almost anything you envision. We’ll help survey the space the gate will fill and provide invaluable advice on what fits your needs. Therefore, you’re guaranteed a gate of the highest quality unlike any other.


In order to create the custom art we proudly design, our artists employ multiple techniques. Depending on the desired outcome, our designers use the following cutting-edge technologies:


  • Plasma and Water Cutting
  • Mig and Tig
  • AutoCAD Design


We are experts in each of these disciplines and can’t wait to share with you their potential results. A custom gate with us is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art. Our skills and experience combined with passion and artistry blend into customization that benefits our customers entirely. A custom gate with Aberdeen Custom Gate and Iron is a statement that’s never been made before, never forgotten and can never be repeated. It truly is a rare original.

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