Enhance The Beauty of Your Home or Business

If you really want to give your property—whether business or residential—enhanced beauty and a true feeling of strength and security, a customized iron gate would be an excellent choice!  Probably the most unique and breath-taking custom iron gate I ever encountered proudly displayed a gorgeous iron angel with a 6-foot wingspan—it was absolutely stunning!

If you’ve thought about adding an additional element of panache to your home or business, a custom iron-gate can be fabricated to fulfill virtually any design or theme your heart desires!  Flowers and vines, ocean waves, musical instruments, animals, hot air balloons, scroll work, initials—you name it, the list is endless; and the designs can be created to appeal to anyone’s taste, interest or lifestyle!   A set of wrought-iron porch railings coupled with a corresponding driveway gate can offer simple refinement to even the most modest property.  A hand-forged wrought-iron gate becomes a legacy that will be viewed as a relic to be treasured for generations.

A Little Bit Of History:

One doesn’t hear the term “wrought” iron that much anymore since the word “wrought” is synonymous with “worked”—as if by hand.  There are, however, customized gate fabricators who still do utilize old-world methods of iron working such as: Hammer/Anvil & Forge.  Hammer/Anvil & Forge is a truly historic and antiquated technique for working metal; and top-quality custom-gate fabricators use this old-style method, even today.  The ancient Egyptians and the old Roman Empire of thousands of years ago utilized this process to create everything from coins to jewelry to crowns.   Craftsmen twisted, curled, pounded and fashioned molten slag iron bars into every imaginable wrought-iron implement, tool or object—whether for fashion or function.

Today, custom-gate fabricators can create truly handcrafted works of art though hammering, bending, shaping and compressing metals to achieve impressions that literally emerge as a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork!  No two pieces will ever be identical!

Other tech-incorporated methodologies are used, as well, for pieces that must be cut with absolute precision.  Here, stunning and very detailed intricacies can be achieved with almost laser-like precision.  With technologically-advanced procedures, any shaped pattern can be easily cut as well as pierced.   Every material from steel to granite to glass to brass (and more) can be worked with stunning accuracy.


Ironwork possesses an inherent beauty that is timeless.   Simple lines transform into twirls, swirls, sweeps, weaves, curls, twists and points to embellish a wrought-iron work that has a grace all its own.  Iron can complement any architectural style—a sportsman might select a wrought-iron gate fashioned in the shape of a deer; someone living in the Everglades could choose a wrought-iron design showcasing a great blue heron; and a suburban housewife could delight in a more demure selection where a smaller, modest garden gate could humbly display a floral bouquet.

Wrought-iron is virtually maintenance-free; and remains stronger and more durable than cast iron, tubular steel or aluminum.  In some cases, wrought-iron is almost indestructible.  The down side of wrought-iron, however, is the fact that the raw material to produce it is in relatively short supply, which makes wrought-iron pieces more expensive.  Somewhat like diamonds—the harder the natural material is to find, the more costly the material will be.  But my, oh my—its beauty and magnificence is incomparable!

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