A gate operator is a mechanical device that automates the opening and closing of your gate. They could be electric, solar powered or hydraulics actuated. These are some popular reasons for installing an automatic gate operator.


  1. Security. The primary reason given to have a gate is security. An automatic system can provide the ease and expediency you want while adding the security of a closed gate at night or when you are not home. Typically, these systems come with either key code entrance features or a remote control. They could also have voice activation or smart phone connection options. All of these features are very personal, exclusive and private.
  2. Convenience. No one wants to get in and out of their vehicle to open a gate in the rain or cold (and then do that to close the gate behind). And, no one has the time to do this either. Because we want to avoid this inconvenience, gates stay open – leaving your property open to unwanted visitors.
  3. Control. With an automated system, a land, home or business owner can more easily control who has access to their property. Depending on the type of system selected, there are numerous levels of control. Some systems allow you to see visitors on your smartphone using a discreet camera. People like having that power because it makes them feel more secure and assured of their safety.


Whatever your reason for having an automatic gate, give us a call. Once you have one, you won’t ever want to be without it. They are much like garage door openers. For brand suggestions, refer to a previous article on this site.


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