Electric Gate Openers & Accessories

When you are clean, wearing a freshly pressed shirt, or sporting new high-heeled shoes, do you want to get out and open your gate in the 100+ degree Texas heat? Or, when it is raining? Or, with rowdy kids in the back seat?

Our basic, fully new system packages start at $3,500, but the best thing to do is set up a call with one of our technicians to access what best fits your needs. We will help you determine the right products for a reliable, low-maintenance system that will keep you in your vehicle.

Upgrade Your Gate Accessories

Aberdeen Custom Gate & Iron installs and repairs the full range of gate and security accessories. The cost will depend on many factors. Prices below do not include installation, nor are these the only accessories we install.

Remote Controls

These handy devices get lost from time to time. We can send you a new one. To avoid a trip charge, we can mail these to you with programming instructions.

Cost: $25 and up

Surge Protectors

After a storm, we get numerous calls for repair. Telling you that the expensive gate opener or other accessory we just installed was smoked by lightning and isn’t covered by any warranty, is a painful conversation that we would like to avoid.

Please understand that lightening can exceed any man-made attempt to control it, but lightning can cause power surges that travel for miles on wires and metal in the ground. In those cases, surge protectors have become our new favorite accessory.

Cost: $100 and up

Exit Probe

These are buried underground to detect a vehicle as it is leaving your property. It is simple and a nice feature.

Cost: $240 and up


Keypad codes are an option to access control. They can be set up with one code, or you may choose one that allows you to personalize codes so you can track who is coming in and out. They could might be wireless or hard-wired.

Cost: $290 and up

Gate Openers/Operators

The kind of operator you will need depends on a large number of factors like
Single or double gate
– Gate weight and location
– Power source
– Number of uses or cycles per day
– If you want to schedule open/close times of access

Cost: $1,700 and up


The technology for security systems is getting better and more affordable. There are multiple exciting options for connectivity and monitoring.
– You can have video or photo monitoring.
– Telephone access
– Wireless access (mobile phone – cellular)
– Keyless (Bluetooth) access

Cost: $3,000 and up

Upgrade Your Gate Accessories

We partner with established, reputable vendors in the gate operator industry. We install and repair these brands:
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