Never before has home security been more important to homeowners than it is today.  There once was a time when many neighborhoods felt confident leaving their doors unlocked, and offered hospitality to anyone and everyone without much question.  However, with today’s increase in violence and ill intent, communities have been forced to consider the value and importance of keeping their homes secure in ways they may have previously thought unnecessary.  As technology advances, many homeowners wonder what the most important tips are to home safety.  Here are 5 ways to keep your home secure.


  1. Install a solid security gate.  This is likely the most obvious step in home-security, but some view this as beautifying accessory only and forget that a gate also offers great protection for a property.  Whether the gate be made of wood, iron, glass, or metal, ensure that it is high enough and strong enough to keep out unwanted intruders.  It would also be prudent to install a gate with a code to ensure an extra level of security.


  1. Install a home security system. There are many options out there, but the idea is that in the event that an intruder gains access to your home, alarms would go off and authorities would be alerted to come and help.  This is an essential step to ensuring the safety of those within the home if a break-in occurs.

  1. Ensure locks and doors are in good shape. Locks can wear down over time, and so checking all locks from time to time is a great idea.  You might even consider replacing all old locks, especially if they are not heavy duty, or if you notice excessive wear and tear.  The same facts  holds true for old and weathered doors.  Do not hesitate to replace them to keep your home more secure.


  1. Instead of placing spare keys in a common place, give them to a trusted neighbor. In the past, many homeowners have tried hiding their spare keys around their property.  They are routinely placed under rocks, under door mats, or inside mailboxes. Unfortunately, most burglars know just where homeowners hide these spare keys, so it is a much better idea for the sake of home-security to leave your spare keys with a trusted neighbor or friend.


  1. Place security signs throughout your property.  Even if you don’t install a security system, warning signs can be a great deterrent to prevent a robbery.  Make sure your signs are in plain sight, and next to all entrances of your home.


In this day and age, home security should be a top priority for all homeowners in order to keep their possessions and their loved ones safe.  Though many long for the days gone by of feeling safe to leave their doors unlocked, it is important to acknowledge the risks that exist today. By following these 5 tips, families can rest easy knowing that they are taking the necessary steps towards keeping their homes more secure.

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