It’s amazing the number of friends, family and clients that have mentioned wanting my husband, Jeffery Presbaugh, to teach them to weld.  Let me clarify, I’m not saying I doubt his ability to teach!  I just don’t share the desire to learn to weld.  When you are married to someone that is immensely talented at something, why would you want to learn to do that?mig welding class


Here is how my thought process goes … What if I’m really good at it? We would become a welding power couple.  Then, I’d be so great it would become a competition.  There would be jealousy and resentment leading to separation and divorce.  My marriage is good, so I don’t want to learn to weld.


And now, back to the point … 


During the first season of Mike Rowe’s Returning the Favor on FaceBook, Jeffery and I were wwomen teaching women weldingatching most every episode.  If you haven’t heard of this show, please go watch a few episodes.  They are good for the soul.


One Saturday night, we were really touched by the third episode called Girls Build.  We couldn’t stop talking about how we wanted to give back like that.  And, I guess I should mention that Jeffery has a serious man-crush!  He REALLY hopes to have a beer with Mike some day!


learning mig weldingAnyway, the next morning, after church, our friend Crestenta Wusterhausen told Jeffery how much she wanted to learn to weld.  The light bulb finally went off.  Why can’t we do community welding classes?


Jerry Pugh and Debbie Brillhart, who joined the Aberdeen Gate team this year, are both AMAZING welders and metal fabricators.  Like Jeffery, they have had several folks approach them with similar requests for welding instruction.dancing welder


After life got in the way for a while, we finally got around to starting classes in August.  We thought the hottest month of the year would be a bad time to start, BUT folks wanted to come sweat with us!  It has been a blast.


Interested in joining our tribe? 

Start with letting us know you want to join our Art of Metal Fabrication Facebook Group.  Or, leave a comment below. women-welding-class

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