Sherry Chamberlin has lived in New York, Washington state and California. But, her love for breeding cutting horses brought her to Fort Worth in 2003.  Texas has been her home ever since.


We met her this year when she asked us to build some custom metal courtyard gates (or metal doors).  I’m really not sure which to call them, so please comment below which you think for an informal poll.


We also made her some simple, custom metal flower pots.  They look great in the courtyard of her beautiful home, which is a modern twist on a Spanish style of architecture.


When Jeffery went to take the gate measurements, he said the house had a lot of what we’d talked about having in our dream home!  So, selfishly, I wanted to see it and learn about her style and what inspired her.


Soon after the house was built, the gates installed and pots in place, I called to ask Sherry if I could come over and take some pictures.  She was sad that I was too impatient to wait for her to plant anything in her pots, but she let me come anyway.  It was great to see her courtyard gates (or doors) decked out with Christmas wreaths.


For more photos go to our gallery.


She is a very modest lady.  She almost didn’t let me take her picture.  And, getting her to talk about herself was tough.


But, she proudly talked about her 2010 Horse of the Year called LHR Smooth Jamie May. And, she showed me some impressive pictures from her trips to South Africa where she has been for some amazing photo safaris.  She literally has been an arms-length away from lions, elephants, giraffes, and many other animals.  Her favorite is the cheetah (though we didn’t find that picture).  She said there wasn’t an animal she lacked seeing, but even so, she is ready to return.

Her home is phenomenal.  I’m just not an expert photographer and cannot do it justice, so I’m sticking to posting just my pictures of our gates, pots and her beautiful smile.


She gathered up Hershey, Scrappy and Chiquita (her dogs left to right) for the photos.  They were all rather skeptical of posing for the camera.  Especially Chiquita!

After we were done snapping photos, she gave me a lesson in how to care for orchids like this one at the bottom of her stairs.  Hers are amazing! I murder every orchid I try to care for.  We concluded I don’t have the patience or the discipline for them, but I can’t help it.  I’m trying again.

She had plans to host a crowd of 26 for Christmas.  I know I don’t have the patience or the discipline for that!


So … what do you think? Courtyard gates or doors? Please comment!


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