Having the opportunity to own a custom gate for one’s personal residence is a delight; and if you own one, you know what I mean!  From the designing to the fabrication to the installation, a custom wooden, steel, wrought-iron or other type of gate provides aesthetic imagery to one’s property in addition to offering an increased sense of security and added value to one’s home or estate.

One of the decisions gate owners will make is whether or not they wish to include a remote control as part of the operating mechanisms or decide upon an automatic gate.   Remote control/automated gates provide an added dimension of security as well as convenience!  Here are a few things you should know about gate openers.

Remote-Control Gate Openers:

If you choose a remote control as part of your gate’s system, you’ll find it’s very much like the remote control you use for your television or your car.  Once the button is pushed, a signal is sent to a receiver attached to your gate and the gate’s movement is initiated.   If necessary, multiple universal remotes can be programmed for different family members.   The only concern might be losing a remote, not knowing whose unauthorized hands might have access to that remote and, therefore, to your property.

One nice advantage of remote control openers is their ability to bypass any power failures.  Most remote-controls are battery-operated so when the power goes out, the operation of the gate will not be compromised.   And, of course, never having to get out of your vehicle is a nice little luxury, especially when the weather is inclement or harsh.   Additionally, remote-control openers are not complicated to install and do-it-yourselfers can perform the installation with relative ease.

It’s important to make sure any remote-control system is compatible with the style of the gate.  A remote system designed for a swing gate will not work with a sliding gate, etc.

Automatic Openers:

Some types of automatic gates are quite interesting in that they provide authorized vehicles to be equipped with a sensor that is part of the automatic-opener package.  In other words, if a vehicle attempts to enter without the necessary sensor, the gate remains closed—it won’t budge!  Infrared signals communicate from the transmitter to the receiver and the codes used cannot be easily duplicated.  Some automatic openers are remote-control, also.

Some gates are located in remote areas such as on an expansive ranch or farm.  When the issue of livestock enters the equation, having gates that will close automatically, once an authorized vehicle has passed through, is a huge convenience!   And just a side note—Brahman cattle, for example, are very difficult to block at gate entrances, so being able to drive through a gate entrance with auto-closing is a bonus.

Interestingly, automatic gates can be powered by solar energy or battery packs; and solar-powered technology allows gates up to 1,000 pounds to be fully operable!    A sliding solar-powered gate is equipped with an infrared obstacle sensor, situated on the wall, to ensure the gate does not close while a vehicle or other obstacle is in the way.   

Keep A Few Basics In Mind:

Gate openers cater to light residential needs to heavy-duty commercial applications.  When selecting an automatic/remote/solar gate opener, take into consideration your gate’s swing-type as well as the respective weight limitations the openers can support.  Also, the amount of use is a huge consideration since gates that are continually used will require a heavier-duty gate opener.

Custom-gates with openers that cater to the comfort and convenience of the owners are a luxury, indeed!

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