“Thoroughbred racing is a game of kings, and we’re no kings,” says Dan McGough. But, he and his wife, Joyce, have won just enough to keep them playing the game and having fun doing it.


“We got into the business because I wanted to raise babies,” said Dan. 


And, even though Joyce started out showing Quarter Horses, she said, “I liked the Thoroughbred races better because they are longer.  The Quarter Horse races were just not that fun to watch.”


Jeffery and I met them when they called us about Joyce’s custom gate design.  She said, “I didn’t want a gate that looked like anyone else.  There are so many out there that look just alike.”


I loved hearing how she came up with her design.  It starts with a fun tale about a mare they’d named My Master Plan.  Dan said, “I named her that because My Master Plan was to get lucky.  But if we didn’t get lucky with her, the foal’s name would be Plan B.”


But they had some luck! As a result of her four victories as two-year-old, My Master Plan won the Texas Thoroughbred Association’s 2015 Two-Year-Old Champion Filly Award.  And, that award had THE racehorse head on it that Joyce wanted in her dream gate design.


thoroughbred racehorse award


Our talented metal fabricator and welder, Debbie Brillhart, traced the picture of this award that they sent to make sure it was exactly what Joyce had envisioned.


racehorse head drawingclose up racehorse iron gate


Dan and Joyce’s life journey together started when Joyce was working for Dos Gringos restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas.  Dan’s boss was friends with her boss, and they would come to the restaurant.  That is where their paths intersected. 


They soon learned that they came from the remarkably similar family backgrounds.  Both their moms grew up on ranches and both their dads had rather tough backgrounds.


They moved to Weatherford as a compromise.  Dan wanted to move back to Stephenville, but Joyce loved the city lights too much.  They eventually made their way to Granbury, where they are now with their horses.


We are happy to call the McGough’s clients and friends.  You can find more behind the scenes pictures of their gate in our gate gallery.


iron Thoroughbred horse gate

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