I’m looking for help on a book list for 2019.  Oh … and Jeffery says he’ll consider your recommendations as well.  Anything from good fiction (to help turn the brain off) to high-powered, business-improvement type books … we are looking for ways to fuel our souls.


I love books. I like being around books. I like the idea of someone thinking of me as a book “reader” because that makes me feel smarter.


I was part of a book club once. A legit reader in that group mentioned how she would sell her books because she didn’t have room for them all. I said that I’d never considered selling my books because they were trophies to be displayed. The group got quite a chuckle over it, but I was secretly embarrassed because my comment obviously made me a pretender. Sigh ….


Let’s move on and discuss Jeffery’s take on books. He never liked school. He would rather teach himself than sit in a classroom.  But he reads books on subjects he finds fascinating or just whenever he needs to know how to do something.  When he does, he absorbs it completely.  Therefore, he sounds more like he went to college than I do.  And, he’s great at Jeopardy.


Neither of us read as much as we’d like to.  But this year, we discovered audio books. I’m obsessed. Jeffery likes them too, but not to the obsessed degree.  So, 2018 has been a big year for us and consuming audio books. Thought I’d share some of our favorites in hopes that in turn, you might share some of yours with us!


Kathy’s Favorites

Historical Fiction

I crushed consuming books in this category (and just plain-old fiction) this year. I’ve traded some headphones for watching TV in the evenings.  Instead of Fox News, my fiction addiction has lowered my blood pressure before I go to bed. 


I’m limiting myself to listing only one book in each category.  However, let me know if you want some more suggestions.  I can recommend several more here!


My top pick would be America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie. It is a story of Thomas Jefferson’s eldest daughter, Martha “Patsy” Jefferson Randolph.  I patted myself on the back for getting in some “history” lessons with this one.  The authors spun a really great story and, in the epilogue, explained what was true versus where they colored in the gaps. 


Self Help

While I listened to Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and enjoyed it, I think everyone else did too, so I wanted to mention a book you might not have heard about.


I just finished A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller.  I listen to his business and marketing podcast weekly, but before he was in this space, he wrote several Christian memoir books.  This one, published in 2011, was written about a time he was struggling with his identity, and two movie producers come to him about turning his life into a movie.  He documents how this made him want to live differently, which in turn makes me want to live a better story.



For me, Miller’s book ties in to what I learned when I listened to Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Essentially, the book is about how moments can change us. As I work to market our business, I want to create moments for clients that make us memorable and leave a positive and lasting impression. I want our clients to rave about us … 1) because referrals are the best; 2) our business is part of our legacy and we want to create something we are proud of.  I plan to read/listen to this book again because I think it can help me in my quest to live a better story.


Jeffery’s Favorites

In 2017, we found Mike Michalowicz and his book Profit First through EntreLeadership.  This made a huge impact on the way we do business.  We recommend reading this book if you haven’t.


After this book, Jeffery got his second man crush (first and foremost that award goes to Mike Rowe).  Jeffery is making his way through more of Michalowicz’s audio books.  He enjoyed The Pumpkin Plan earlier this year. And, now he is on to his second or third time through the Clockwork


He sent a message to Michalowicz and received a personalized video email response.  They are now on a first name basis, so I am sure that Mike will get more of our money before the end of 2019.


It’s Your Turn!


Please send us some ideas for 2019 based on your favorites.  Help us ring in the year with a good list. 


Wish us the best year ever in our little estate gate designing and building business!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May your 2019 be blessed and prosperous.

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