One of my all-time favorite gates that Jeffery designed and built is Zan Talburt’s driveway gate in Azle, Texas.  I am a super-fan the “braided” look he gave the metal.


I’ve been told for a long time that Zan and I would hit it off, so I finally took the time to go take some pictures and meet her.  I’m so glad I did.


She greeted me with a warm smile and a big cold glass of sweet tea to drink while she showed me around.  Sadly, I don’t drink sweet tea, but I wish I did!


Zan lives in and runs The Old Liberty Schoolhouse, which is an adorable, historic bed and breakfast.


It was a school from 1917 to 1942. When she gave me the tour, she showed me a wall of historic pictures including one of the first class of kids from 1918.

point to 1918 pic of kids at Old Liberty Schoolhouse


Here is the school’s original acting bar – which I’m sure most know (but I didn’t) that this was what kids used for their jungle gym.  What a different looking playground than what kids have today!

Old Liberty Schoolhouse original acting bar


She has beautifully remodeled two suites for guests and she lives in the other side.  Her pictures of the Liberty Suite and the Let Freedom Ring Suite are much better than mine, so be sure to check those out.


I’m no B&B expert, but I can tell she loves what she does and goes above and beyond for her guests.  My hunch was confirmed when she mentioned that she irons the sheets!  She said, “People won’t notice all that I do, but there will be one detail that speaks to someone and they will make note that!”


When I left, we made promises to have wine on her porch sometime soon.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Anyone want to join us?

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