I originally started writing this article for the readers who would like to have access to our commonly-used, electric-gate-operator and keypad manuals, but then I didn’t want to leave out people like me who get the sweats over reading a manual.  So, hang with me because I’ve got something for both of you.


First, I’m curious if your household is divided like ours is. Reading a manual is something I could care less about (it might be an undiagnosed phobia).  I’d rather poke my eyes out than sort through FAQs or other DIY tools.  You may think that is a little too drama queen, but bottom line, I find my time much better spent paying an expert.


Jeffery is the opposite.  If he doesn’t know how to do something, he will read everything he can get his hands on to learn how to DIY it before he asks for help.  We still don’t have a TV in our bedroom because he couldn’t figure out the wiring.  It’s been over 10 years now.


While I’m grateful for my manual-reading hero, I think he believes it makes him better than people like me.  You’d be correct in assuming that we have some marital stress over this from time to time.


So, would you take my poll?  I’m fully aware that there is some in-between ground here. But, if you had to take a side … are you more like me or Jeffery?




If you are more like me, we’ve got a plan to help.  After we install your gate, we warranty our work for a year.  When your year is up, we have a maintenance plan to keep your gate as hassle free as possible.  Twice a year we will come out to perform a checkup.  And then, if you have any problems outside of those checkups, we give you a $50 discount your repair calls.



We highly recommend DIYers perform our maintenance checklist twice a year.  That should really minimize your need to break out the manuals anyway.

But if you need them, here are some of the most common operators or keypads that we install.  Yours may not be here because this list is not comprehensive to all the options available.  It is just a list of our favorites.  If you can’t find yours on Google, comment below and I will see if I can hunt yours down for you.


Nice Apollo Gate Operators

Nice Apollo 1050 Control Board

Nice Gate Operator Titan 912 Swing Gate Arm

Apollo 1550 Single Swing Gate Operator

Apollo 1650 Dual Swing Gate Operator


Viking Gate Operators

Viking F-1 Swing Gate Operator

Viking R-6 Swing Gate Operator

Viking T-21 Sing Gate Operator

Viking H-10 Slide Gate Operator

Viking K-2 Slide Gate Operator

Viking I-8 In-Ground Gate Operator



AAS 19-100 Keypad

AAS 26-100 and AAS 26-500 Keypad

KPW250 Keypad

DoorKing 1515-080

Multi-Code Keypad

Security Brands XL-660 Access Control Keypad

Linear AK-11 Keypad

Millennium 950/951 Keypad


If you are into Pinterest, you can just follow this Gate Opener Board because we have these all there for you.

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