I started researching whether gates add value to a property, and I found an article in Luxury Lifestyle Magazine that says you could add up to five percent by improving your “kerb” appeal.


As custom gate designers and builders, we love hearing that. However, I couldn’t help but giggle and think, “Someone mis-spelled curb appeal.”


When I googled it, I discovered that Americans use “curb” as the spelling for both meanings of the word. While in the UK, “kerb” means the raised edge of a pavement/path, and “curb” means to limit or restrain.


With that discrepancy out of the way, I bet you are more interested in adding value to your property.  Even though it was obviously written by someone outside the United States, we believe it is spot on.


According to the article, if you are looking to add value and improve the exterior of your home, driveway gates do this in three ways:

  1. Beauty and practicality
  2. Appeal and value
  3. Protection and security


Another article by Realty Times basically says the same thing (but they write “curb appeal” the correct way).  The bottom line is that you do not have to take our word for it.


What kind of gate adds THE MOST value to a property?


We believe it is one that best complements your home and style.  You may be able to achieve that with a standard gate.  However, if a gate adds as much value as these articles contend, wouldn’t a custom gate be better.  It does make the first impression.


And, if you believe first impressions are important, don’t let the gate get the last consideration in your budget.


Custom gates are on trend and the these are some popular design ideas from our gate gallery to get your creative juices flowing:


Farmhouse-style Gates

custom farmhouse style aluminum black gates


custom aluminum gate decorated for fall


Modern Ranch-style Gates

aluminum idaho elk ranch gate

modern farmhouse gate design

colorado custom aluminum ranch gate


Faux-wood Painted Aluminum Gates

california aluminum ranch gate

aluminum ranch gate and house

custom ranch gate georgia christmas


Monogrammed Gates

aluminum rockin a ranch gate

wood and iron ranch gates

aluminum ranch gate with monogram


Sleek and Contemporary Gates

contemporary black aluminum lake house gate

modern-french matte-black driveway gates


Signature “Braided” Gates

braided ranch gate

braided modern ranch gate with rust patina

braided iron gates


Custom Black Gates

fancy custom iron driveway gate

ranch gate in snow

porte cochere black iron gate



What do you think?  Agree? Disagree?  Comment below. Let’s discuss it!


If you are ready for the next step in exploring driveway gate designs, download our checklist to start the process of designing and building your gate. Or, give us a call.


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