Color Psychology and Your Gate

According to the psychology of color, your gate entrance could either say “NO TRESSPASSING” or “WELCOME”. Do you know what statement your gate color is making? Or, what color you should paint your gate to make it communicate what you want? I thought...

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Powder Coating vs Painting and Avoiding RUST

After we have poured our hearts into a new gate design and fabrication, the finish can be the icing on the cake that makes everyone “OOH” and “AHH”.  Or, it can be completely distracting in all the wrong ways … like orange hair on an otherwise beautiful brunette....

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Custom Ranch Gate – Burton’s CLIENT PROFILE

As one of the very few registered British White cattle breeders in the United States, Pam and Jimmy Burton love to promote and talk about the breed that is unfamiliar to most of us. Of course, I think I can identify most any breed because I grew up on a cattle ranch,...

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The Old Liberty Schoolhouse – CLIENT PROFILE

One of my all-time favorite gates that Jeffery designed and built is Zan Talburt’s driveway gate in Azle, Texas.  I am a super-fan the “braided” look he gave the metal.   I've been told for a long time that Zan and I would hit it off, so I finally took the time...

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How to Protect Gate Operators from Lightning

(as much as God allows) Calling to tell you that the expensive gate operator we installed or repaired was smoked by lightning and isn’t covered by any warranty, is a painful conversation that we would like to avoid. Our phone rings after every storm.  This year feels...

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How to Decide – Single vs Double Swing Gates or Slide Gates

The ideal gate configuration for your situation depends on many factors including physical restrictions, aesthetics and budget. As you are considering the designs for your driveway, keep the following in mind: Single Swing Gate: • You only need one automatic opener,...

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How to Fix a Broken Driveway Gate

First, let's rule out any non-electrical issues.  Shut the power off, disconnect the gate arm (if it’s a swing gate), or disconnect the chain (if it’s a slide gate).  Try to move the gate open by hand. If the gate opens easily, then the gate itself is not the culprit....

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Protecting Your Custom Iron Gate

Custom iron gates are truly a work of art in their own right!  Whether a gate is adorned with majestic angels, an image of a beloved pet or an idyllic mountain retreat, the beauty of the artistry associated with these lovely creations cannot be debated; and many of...

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3 Ways to Beautify Your Business Location

If you own a business with a physical address, you are well aware of the added expenses that go with owing real business property verses one that is on-line.  Lease expenses, utilities, insurance, additional team-members, maintenance costs, etc, take a financial...

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3 Reasons to Install a Gate Operator

A gate operator is a mechanical device that automates the opening and closing of your gate. They could be electric, solar powered or hydraulics actuated. These are some popular reasons for installing an automatic gate operator.   Security. The primary reason...

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Two Entrances that are Enhanced with a Custom Gate

Custom gates come in a vast array of styles, sizes, designs and prices, and run the gamut from being fabricated from wood, to iron, to aluminum to combinations of metals and wood. Any entrance are beautified when embellished with a custom gate.  Here are two...

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