3 Tips on Choosing the Right Fence for Your Yard

Choosing the right fence for your yard is an important step in making your property the ideal place to live.  Homeowners generally have various needs to meet when it comes to choosing a particular fence, so having a plethora of options is beneficial.  The goods news... read more

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Secure

Never before has home security been more important to homeowners than it is today.  There once was a time when many neighborhoods felt confident leaving their doors unlocked, and offered hospitality to anyone and everyone without much question.  However, with today’s... read more

Plasma vs Water-Jet Cutting

There are a number of methods one can use to cut mild steel plate; but a number of considerations must be taken into account to determine the best cutting method such as the thickness of the plate, the accuracy and edge-quality requirement and other factors. Here, we... read more

Protecting Your Custom Iron Gate

Custom iron gates are truly a work of art in their own right!  Whether a gate is adorned with majestic angels, an image of a beloved pet or an idyllic mountain retreat, the beauty of the artistry associated with these lovely creations cannot be debated; and many of... read more

Five Types of Fences

When one is in the market to purchase fence material, it becomes very obvious very quickly that there exists a smorgasbord of choices – all, of which, have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Here, we will cover five options.  Whatever fence choice one makes will... read more

Five Ways Gates Can be Adorned

True gate lovers have an understanding of gates in that they are not simply viewed as a whimsical addition to a garden, an impressive element to grace one’s entryway, or added security for one’s property and family.  Gates are all that, of course; but when... read more

Three Intriguing Gate Stories

Area 51, Elvis and The Royal Family There are gates, and then, there are gates!  Custom gates have been a part of rich histories from throughout the world and throughout the ages.  Their purposes have always been multidimensional – from adding exquisite beauty and... read more

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Gate for Your Business

Choosing the right gate for your business isn’t, necessarily, an easy choice to make when one considers the multitude of price ranges, styles, materials and operational features that are available.  “Should I choose wood, metal or wrought iron?  Should I incorporate,... read more

3 Reasons to Install an Electric Gate at Your Home

Having an electric gate is an appealing addition to any home.  Whether you are in the market to buy a house, or are already a current homeowner, adding an electric gate to your property can be a seamless task that will be well-worth the time and expense you put... read more

What Makes a Gate Great?

If you were asked the question: “What makes a gate great?” it’s fairly predictable your answer would differ, somewhat, from other respondents’ answers to that same question.  The answers would be subjective based on what any particular gate owner might desire in... read more

How Emblems Boost Your Company’s Appeal

Emblems that represent a company’s brand aren’t a passing fancy—they mean business!  Michelin tires introduced their logo in 1888; 3M’s logo was announced to the public in 1906; Fisher Price Toys unveiled their logo as far back as 1931—the rest is history.  The... read more

How to Spruce Up Your Business (Custom Emblems)

When it comes to your business, why wouldn’t you want it to stand out from the rest? After all, it’s ingrained in our American identity to praise and uphold the individual, to cherish their uniqueness and the same can be said for our enterprises.   Through the... read more

Why You Should Buy A Custom Iron Gate

Those lucky enough to own a property, business or home with the capacity for a gate should realize the benefits of a custom built one. After all, it will be the first and last visual your visitors and clients enjoy; therefore, the entrance you create should be exactly... read more

Want Your Gate To Last For Eons? – Customized Iron Gates

Custom Wrought-Iron Gates Will Endure The Test Of Time It’s an art-form—it’s a skilled craft—it’s a combination of old-world metallurgy and high-tech methodologies that produce some of the most intricate and eye-catching custom-made gates you can feast your eyes on. ... read more

Gate Openers – Making Life Just A Little Easier!

Having the opportunity to own a custom gate for one’s personal residence is a delight; and if you own one, you know what I mean!  From the designing to the fabrication to the installation, a custom wooden, steel, wrought-iron or other type of gate provides... read more

Wrought Iron Gates—Oh, The Beauty They Display!

Enhance The Beauty of Your Home or Business If you really want to give your property—whether business or residential—enhanced beauty and a true feeling of strength and security, a customized iron gate would be an excellent choice!  Probably the most unique and... read more

Considering A Gate For Your Property?

Are you considering a gate design for your property?  If so, whatever design you might choose is a big consideration, of course; and an equally important consideration deals with gate hardware that will have to accommodate the respective weight, size and usage of the... read more

Servicing Automatic Gates and Operators

With advances in technology and high-quality products that are used to manufacture gates and openers, maintenance is kept at a minimum.  That, however, doesn’t mean proactive measures shouldn’t be taken to ensure the gate and opener remain in tip-top working order. ... read more

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